Fr. Godfrey  Hongo

Director General



Welcome to Saint Francis Referral Hospital Ifakara, for many years in Morogoro region, Saint Francis Referral Hospital has been leading in quality and innovation in the delivery of health care along with health research and training in collaboration with Ifakara health institute, health training institutions at Ifakara and other national and international organizations partners. The hospital has been providing both primary and specialized services in Kilombero valley communities, providing equitable and affordable health care services to the people in Ulanga, Malinyi and Kilombero Districts. It has being the referral hospital and centre of excellence in Morogoro region for health promotion, curative services, preventive services and rehabilitation health services.  St. Francis Hospital has 371 bed capacity and provide outpatient and emergency services. The hospital has departments and units with dedicated team which provide services and support training for medical professionals from local institutions and international. We are dedicated to our community with collaboration with local and central government and development partners to provide the sustainable health services. We are looking forward to listen to you, and please you are all welcome to our hospital for your health service needs, collaborating with our professionals for learning purposes and conducting health research projects.

Thank you and welcome.

Director  General- Saint Francis Referral Hospital (SFRH)